The Ultimate Pool Heating Solutions

At Dunner, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing your pool experience. Our pool heat pumps combine innovative technology with eco-friendly efficiency, ensuring your pool is always at the perfect temperature, no matter the season. Dive into a world of year-round pool enjoyment with our cutting-edge heat pumps and experience unparalleled warmth and savings.

Experience Unparalleled

16.0 COP

Co-efficient of Performance

Why Choose Our High COP Heat Pumps?

Energy Savings

With a COP of 16.0, our heat pumps offer significant energy savings, helping you reduce your pool heating costs while being environmentally friendly.

Faster Heating

Our high COP heat pumps deliver rapid pool heating, allowing you to enjoy your swimming pool in comfort sooner.

Reliable Performance

Designed for durability and reliability, our heat pumps ensure consistent and efficient pool heating throughout the year.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

By using less energy to heat your pool, our heat pumps contribute to a smaller carbon footprint, making them an eco-conscious choice.


Over time, the energy savings provided by our high COP heat pumps can lead to substantial cost savings, making them an excellent long-term investment.

Efficient Energy

The environmental heat accumulated in the air
serves as an energy source.

The environmental heat gathered from the air serves as the energy source.

The air provides up to 80% of the energy needed to heat your pool.

This thermodynamic process keeps the water between 27°C and 29°C all year round.

Japanese Toshiba Inverter Compressor

Experience top-tier performance with the Japanese Toshiba Inverter
compressor. Trust in reliable, quality engineering for your needs.

Versatile Performance
in Any Climate

Versatile Performance in Any Climate: Our pool heat pumps are designed to excel in a wide operating range, from as low as -10°C to as high as 43°C. Whether you’re facing chilly winter days or hot summer afternoons, our heat pumps ensure your pool stays at the perfect temperature year-round.

Twin-Rotary DC

Inverter Compressor

Our pool heat pumps feature a cutting-edge Twin-Rotary DC Inverter Compressor, which optimizes heating performance, reduces energy consumption, and ensures whisper-quiet operation. Experience superior pool heating technology at its finest.

50% Electricity
Consumption Reduction

Our advanced technology leads to a remarkable 50% reduction in electricity consumption. With our pool heat pumps, you can enjoy a comfortably heated pool while being environmentally con scious and saving on energy costs.

Non-invasive Aesthetic Design

Our products are crafted with a non-invasive aesthetic in mind.

Our products are crafted with a non-invasive aesthetic in mind. We seamlessly blend functionality with beauty, ensuring that our climate control solutions seamlessly integrate into your surroundings without compromising your space’s appearance. With our aesthetic design, enjoy comfort without sacrificing style.

Efficient Pool Heating Through Aerothermal Technology

Dunner's heat pumps harness the energy present in the air
through an aerothermal process to reduce your monthly costs.

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Our Range of Heat Pump Models

Satisfied Customers Share Their Experience

Sarah Johnson

Los Angeles, California.

Absolutely thrilled with Dunner's heat pump! It's been a game-changer for our pool. Our energy bills have plummeted, and the water temperature is just perfect year-round. Highly recommended.

James Mitchell

Toronto, Ontario.

I can't say enough good things about Dunnerpool's heat pump. It has slashed our heating costs in half and made our pool enjoyable even during chilly Canadian winters. An excellent investment!

Emily Davis

Miami, Florida

Dunnerpool's heat pump is a must-have for anyone with a pool in Florida. The energy efficiency is outstanding, and our pool has become the neighborhood's go-to spot. Thank you, Dunnerpool.